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Lean Manufacturing

★ Deploy Lean Manufacturing to significantly improve operational efficiency of your production system: reduce wastes and maximize profits. You will obtain un significant commerical advantage.

★ Use this app to:
- deploy Lean Manufacturing : tool by tool, pilot by pilot, through a global company approach,
- analyse easily production data, continuously on the ground, with operators collaboration.

★ Implement Lean Manufacturing on 4 pillars:
- 5S,
- visual management,
- operations standardisation,
- production leveling.

★ “Deploye” part includes practical explanations, illustrations, drawings:
- Define where to start your continuous improvement approach
- Make work environment more clean and safe
- Develop communication means with visual management
- Calculate real available time for manufacturing
- Identify and eradicate wastes of Value Added
- Drumbeat production cycle regarding customer need with Takt time
- Align human resources with just-necessary need
- Reduce changeover time
- Build Kanban planning to manage just necessary production flow
- Sustain Lean through a structured approach

★ Calculate easily main Lean indicators: Required Time, Net time, Usable time, Availability rate, Quality rate, OEE, Takt time, Resources, Kanban.

★ Send data (collected and calculated) by e-mail.

★ No knowledge is necessary to use this application:
Lean beginners, you will appreciate: Lean deployment roadmap, topics could be read separatly, explainations are illustrated by drawings, calculators for main indicators, send questions to authors;
- Lean experts, you will appreciate: material to use on the ground, concrete examples.

★ Keywords: 5M, 5S, Continuous improvement, U Cell, customer demand, Strategical deployment, Wastes, Gemba, Heijunka, Hoshin kanri, Jidoka, Just-in-time,  Kaizen, Kanbans, Lean Manufacturing, Muda, Mura, Muri, PDCA, Resources, Six Sigma, SMED, Standardization, Takt time, Quality rate, Net time, OEE, Value added, VSM, World Class.
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